R/V Oceanograf is a specialised scientific and research vessel that performs a wide range of measurements related to the marine environment. It is the most modern research unit in the Baltic Sea, carrying out tasks for science and the maritime economy. The ship is certified for international shipping.



The unit is equipped with specialised equipment for interdisciplinary research on the environment and nature of the seas and oceans. In addition to the laboratories, there are also observatories and a seminar room inside the ship.
Due to the extensive scope of research carried out using the ship, including: seabed research, bathymetric research, chemical research, geological research, it is a multi-tasking unit.
The ship uses a double-hull structure – catamaran type, which minimizes the angle of heel, which is especially important when conducting research at sea.

Main scientific equipment:

  • Stern fishing equipment for bottom and pelagic (midwater) trawling
  • Beam trawling set
  • Wire trawl sonar Simrad FS70 with real-time catch monitoring system PI50/60
  • Gillnets operating equipment
  • Set of three split beam echo sounders Simrad EK80
  • Multibeam echo sounder SeaBat 7125 SV2, Reson
  • Flowmeter ADCP, Teledyne, RD Instruments Workhouse Mariner
  • Radiance and Irradiance Sensors RAMSES by TriOS for analysing light above and below water surface
  • Multi Plankton Sampler (MultiNet) Midi
  • OSIL multiple sediment sampler Maxicorer
  • MINI-ROV GUARDIAN 2.1 remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) with umbilical cable, SUBSEA TECH
  • Towed scan sonar Multi-Purpose Survey System 4200, Edge Tech
  • Portable Sub-bottom Profiler 3100, Edge Tech
  • Ultra-Short Baseline (USBL) positioning and tracking system Easytrak Nexus, Applied Acoustics Underwater Technology
  • Lightweight Vibrocorer 3+6, OSIL
  • Multi Sediment Trap/24, Hydrobios
  • PM-10 high volume air sampler for collecting ambient particulate matter, TISCH Environmental
  • Optical plankton counter Flow CAM VS-IV
  • Carousel water sampler with CTD profiler and extra sensors, SeaBird Electronics SBE 25plus SEALOGGER
  • Flow cytometer FACS Jazz, Becton Dickinson (BD Biosciences)
  • Box Corer 80.000, KC Denmark A/S
  • miniCTD Probe, Valeport
  • Vaisala Maritime Observation System MAWS410

Deck equipment:

  • Radio controlled deck crane 4 t
  • Aft gantry 35kN or 70 kN
  • Two trawl winches from 32 to 52 kN
  • Two net winches 2,5 m3
  • Cable line winch 35 kN
  • Cable line winch 5 kN
  • Two lean deck aft cranes 300 kg
  • Board gantry with two winches 300 kg each
  • Bow crane 50 kg
  • Hull mounted shift able sounder devices: Reson, Split Beam, USBL
  • Horizontal echo sounder Farsounder FS-3
  • S-490 Sportis rib boat

Vessel’s technical specification:

  • Length Overall: 49,5 m
  • Beam Overall: 14,0 m
  • Draft: 2,0 m
  • Displacement: 792 ton
  • Diesel-electric drive:
    – generating sets: 2 × 420 kW, 2 × 225 kW
    – jet-azimuthal thrusters:
  • Thrusters: 2 × tunnel thrusters, bow thrusters
  • Dynamic positioning  DP I
Vessel’s Equipment

  • Laboratories:
    – Wet lab laboratory – 7,7 × 4,1 m
    – Measurement laboratory – 3,7 × 2,9 m
    – Aseptic laboratory – 2,2 × 3,8 m
    – Thermostatistic laboratory – 3,6 × 2 m
  • Aerosol observatory
  • Compass deck with observation posts
  • Work aft deck – 10 × 9 m
  • Students class equipped with audiovisual instruments, wi-fi, Internet
  • Social accommodation: mess room, kitchen, pantry, laundry


R/V Oceanograf Operator Office

al. Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego 46, 81-378 Gdynia, room 227
tel: +48 58 523 66 31

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