educates staff for the offshre wind energy

OFFSHORE as an investment in the future

  • The OFFSHORE industry is one of the MOST DYNAMICALLY DEVELOPING renewable energy technologies in the world
  • Caring for the environment while ensuring the country’s energy security also requires an energy transformation of the Polish economy
  • The development of the offshore wind energy in Poland is intertwined with maximalization of the so-called local content, i.e., the participation of Polish entrepreneurs in the supply chain
  • Our expertise is already being used by the foreign investors in the offshore industry
  • The construction of wind farms in the Baltic Sea will result in an influx of new domestic and foreign investment, as well as create new jobs
  • Offshore sector needs highly skilled workers
  • Investment in the offshore wind energy is an investment in a better future for both us and future generations

You too can contribute to this crucial sector for the world and future generations.

See for yourself that it is WORTH IT!

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